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[collection name]: Xianfeng treasures


Class: Coins



Xianfeng heavy treasure was a large sum of money which was made by the Qing government in the third year of Xianfeng in order to raise money to suppress the Taiping Army and alleviate the financial crisis. There are coins such as "Xianfeng heavy treasure" and "Xianfeng Yuanbao". This kind of copper coin is very exquisite, with clear and deep writing and fine copper material. It is light red and yellow, slightly larger and heavier than the money circulating in the same edition.



When 50 and below is called "Xianfeng treasure", when 50 is higher, it is called "Xianfeng Yuanbao", which is different from Xiaoping Qian's "Xianfeng Tongbao".


Baowu Bureau Xianfeng treasure when five, Huaguang spectrum "China ancient money collection" contains a product, said only see. Search the network and information, except for an obvious fake, there is no display. The related paper discusses the article of Baowu Bureau's coin casting, which also says: "different Wu style (fou Bao in Chinese), different characters of" Wu "in Manchu, there are five different" Wu "style, five different" Wu "style (no real object at present), ten, fifty and hundred rare."



A small ancient coin contains rich historical elements. Although there are not many fine ancient coins inherited in the world, the value of each fine ancient coin is not poor. The price of ancient coins is determined by the amount of money, artistic value and historical value, and fluctuates with the change of market supply and demand. Friends who know ancient coins well know that although Xianfeng coins are not the earliest coins in China, Xianfeng heavy treasure Dang five is still regarded as the first one of coins. It has the longest casting period, the largest number, the richest format and the widest circulation. The raw materials of brass, together with the fine and beautiful shape, the fine and exquisite carving brush, the copper glittering big characters, the ancient and ancient slurry, and even the details are all elaborately carved and almost perfect, which is the first collection of fine currency in the art market in a thousand years.



The coins of Xianfeng heavy treasure are very precious because there are not many handed down and few surviving coins. Xianfeng heavy treasure dangwuqian is also a valuable coin that ancient spring lovers are most concerned about and devoted to collecting and appreciating because of its early casting time and wide circulation area. Among all the big money of Xianfeng, the most important treasure should be five coins. It has the longest casting period, the largest quantity, the most layout and the widest circulation, all of which occupy the first place in Xianfeng big money. However, the five coins of Xianfeng heavy treasure are very precious because they have not been handed down much and few survived. This kind of copper coin is very exquisite, with clear and deep writing and excellent copper material.


“咸丰重宝当五”一直被收藏家们视作无价之宝。地域性政权发行货币的时间也相当短,加上流通地域狭小,所铸货币价值不菲。另外,由于改行纸钞,铜币发行量较少,故价格也较高。 咸丰重宝当五以其诸多特色吸引着古钱币爱好者,甚至于不懂古钱币的“圈外人士”,都是因其具有其它钱币的不可比拟的魅力所致。不仅是初学者的宠爱,也是专家研究的对象,还是一般人把玩的掌中物呢,魅力所在。这枚咸丰重宝当五铜元虽已饱经百年历史的风霜洗礼,币面却无太大的磨损,品相很好,十分精致,是当十钱币里的精品。价值不菲,值得收藏。

"Xianfeng treasure when five" has been regarded as priceless by collectors. The time for regional regime to issue currency is also quite short. In addition, the circulation area is narrow, so the currency value is not poor. In addition, due to the change of bank notes, the issuance of copper coins is less, so the price is also higher. Xianfeng heavy treasure Dang five attracts ancient coin lovers with its many characteristics, even "outsiders" who don't understand ancient coins, all because of its incomparable charm of other coins. It's not only the favorite of beginners, but also the object of experts' research. It's also the thing that ordinary people play with. The charm lies in it. Although the five copper coins of Xianfeng heavy treasure have been baptised by the wind and frost of a hundred years, there is not much wear on the coin surface. It is of good appearance and exquisite quality, which is the best of ten coins. It's worth collecting.



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