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章藻藻-Metanoia身体和心源 (第三章:顽童)

时间:2022-08-07 10:05:40   

"Metanoia"-- Chapter 03: The Fiend

Metanoia-Independent art short film (2022)



Zhang ZaoZao--Metanoia(Chapter03:The Fiend)


Body and heart

“如果我们的身体是与我们的意识相匹配的材料,那么,它就和我们的意识共同延展,领悟我们所感知的一切, 直至通向遥远的星辰。”


" If our body is the material that matches our consciousness, then it extends together with our consciousness to comprehend everything that we perceive, until it leads to the distant stars."

---Henry Bergson


Environmental installation - A tied rabbit chrysalis hanging upside down (2022)


body art - The act of smashing glass ( 2022)


打造理想的自我需要不断修复意识和身体构成的宇宙。身体从气味、对话、表情、环境中获得感性体验从而引发意识的反馈。身体是意识和世界相互作用的载体,意识的改变让身体做出相应的调整,并且维持身体与世界的通感连接。在复杂的人类关系中,个体的肉身和意识被共存系统所规训,自我的宇宙成为社会系统的缩影。 那些没有爆发的力量被长期积蓄在身体中,等待在意识改变的时候释放出来,取代不可一世的规训。

Building the ideal self requires constantly repairing the universe of consciousness and the body. The body obtains perceptual experience from smell, dialogue, expression, and environment to trigger conscious feedback.The body is the carrier of the interaction between consciousness and the world. The change of consciousness allows the body to adjust accordingly and maintain its synesthesia connection to the world.In complex human relationships, the individual body and consciousness are regulated by coexistence systems.The self-contained universe becomes the epitome of the social system.Those forces that do not burst are stored in the body for a long time, waiting to be released when the consciousness changes, replacing the arrogant discipline.

Body art- dancer (2022)



Dance in the ruins is like the dematerialization process of abstract art.While removing the original meaning of material, it removes the spirit from the original environment and becomes an independent form.In the video, naked muscles induce the body to get rid of confinement and release vitality.The blood fragments hide the unpredictable expression, dissolve the original consciousness into the incomplete body.The self allows an escape intuition to bring into a sacrificial scene.But the body does not lead the fleeing self to the outside world, but brings it back to its heart. Return does not mean self withdrawal and decay, but self awakening. It ulates centrifugal movements that spread from the depths of the heart, reshaping the shape of the body.


Body and Environmental installation Art-Body of the dancer and the rabbits(2022)



Like Richard Lang's earth art.As the body walks in the barren wilderness, it tries to dig up the penetrating logic hidden within it, connecting the body, the heart, and the world.When the human body is replaced with the rabbit body (a vehicle derived from the zodiac and rooted in the consensus base).It means that the new consciousness corresponds to the new body, and the artist replaces the form of self with the world.The bodies of the rabbits scattered in the forest carry countless impulses and swirl outwards from the heart, drawing everything into the vibrant individual universe.


ZhangZaoZao and works (2022)


The body is the point where consciousness, experience and the world meet.The artist walks around with her physical intuition, between meaning, the world, and language, and presents the facts of humanity in an assertion unique to art.This reflects the embodiment of consciousness, but also an aesthetic expression of embodiment of consciousness.


新媒体艺术策展人, 当代艺术理论家

原今日美术馆新媒体实验室 执行总监


Article author:Su Lei

Curator of New Media Art, a contemporary art theorist

Former Executive Director of the New Media Lab of the Today Art Museum

July 29,2022




Director, Film producer, Screenwriter, Art Director:Zhang ZaoZao


Associate Director: Wen Lingxing


Music Producer: Guo XiaoGuai


Body Performer: Qin Kuan


Director of Photography: Ji RiTai


Cameraman:Qing Xian


Assistant Cameraman: Shi Rui


Imagine looking through a mirror to a twisted reality, how strange and unsettling it may be. Things that are familiar are now unknown but there is a haunting feeling of recognition that lingers in the air. Now imagine breaking that mirror, breaking through into this other world.



  ---Matt Bird

Fragments de verre(Glass fragments)

Gouttes de sang qui coulent(Drop by drop of blood)

Étrangeté du son et du mouvement (The peculiarity of sound and movement)

Doudous au spectacle, spectacle des doudous(Teddy bears at the performance, teddy bears are performing)

Danse désarticulée, aérienne(Disjointed, dancing in the air)

La chute, le trou, le choc, le noir (Fall, hole, shock, darkness)

Danseur sans visage, oiseau sans aile(A dancer without a face, a bird without wings)

Le calme après la tempête ?(The calm after the storm?)

Toujours la violence ?(Or violence?)




泰迪兔置身装置之中 ,泰迪兔也在表演






  ---An unknown dear French friend

Shattered glass, shattered lives, shattered dreams,the fiendish chimera looms over the landscape of devastated lives.

Compassion, spiritual exploration and reformation, the rabbit brings hope for a better tomorrow.

The creepy place here filled with beauty sunshine.






I would like to think that the Fiend found what he was looking for in those woods. The story went from evil through madness to serenity.




Zhang Zao Zao's video work "The Fiend", moves between privacy and sociality . Visual, auditory, tactile are full of tension. let people's heart tremble.


  ---李丽 陕西师范大学美术学院硕士研究生导师、艺术文化史博士。

  ---Li Li Master tutor of School of Fine Arts, Shanxi Normal University,Doctor of Art and Culture History

The short film is haunting beautiful - I'm very impressed with new work.



  ---Benjamin saphiro

'Very impressive thought provoking atmospheric video'



  --- Hugh Reed

  I feel that the visual impact is great, and the sound effect works very well,Plus the final caption can be seen as a independent short film. The rabbit makes people think of beauty, happiness, youth and vitality. But the rabbit in the film is a metaphor for all the unknown of the crazy grotesque. It also reminds me a film "The Misty", directed by Frank Dara bonte . Part of the story tells about people's different ideas and countermeasures in despair.